Futurecity Digital Dialogues: Mark Davy & Sherry Dobbin

To celebrate the five-year tenure of Sherry Dobbin as a Partner of Futurecity, the Founder and CEO Mark Davy sat in conversation with Sherry to discuss her work. They talk about how they first met, Sherry’s highlights of working on Futurecity’s projects, and her thoughts on where the cultural sector is moving towards in the future.

“I am thankful to the cultural leaders who have been transparent about their needs, which has enabled us to make meaningful value propositions for the developers and the local authorities.  When I moved back to London in January 2017, I wanted to shift culture into being bold and part of these discussions as early as possible. By extending into ULI UK as a participant and Chair of the Urban Art Forum to create Including Culture in Development, and joining the Creative Estuary Cultural Colocation Advisory Group and the LDN Collective’ I could help Futurecity join collaborative relationships in the UK and bring the resulting knowledge to our international clients. ”   


London-based. American-born. Times Square-tested. Internationally Distributed.

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