"Public art in Times Square: From the Square to Place of Power"

Digital reality and social media changed the notion of a physical public space. In NY some installations or exhibitions draw public attention and turn the square into a place of power where people meet, communicate and interact. Sherry Dobbin is specialized in the fields of visual arts and public art. At the lecture she will speak about the opportunities of arts programming basing on NY experience with Times Square Arts, a programme of collaboration with artists. Every midnight electronic billboards, public plazas, vacant areas, and popular venues are designed by programme’s contributors and people come to the square to watch Andy Warhol’s screen tests, short films and videos about the US history. Another speaker will be photographer Justin Bettman, who will hold a small talk after the lecture. Bettman is famous for his ‘Set in the street’ project. He designed pop-up interiors in the streets, took photos and then leave these installations so as passers-by could take a book, sit on a sofa and have a cup of coffee with a stranger. The lecture will be held in English and interpreted into Russian with support of the US Embassy in Moscow and in partnership with the New Space in Theatre of Nations. The New Space is a multidisciplinary project bringing together contemporary artists of different schools aimed at creating new cultural platform and explore various forms of modern art.


London-based. American-born. Times Square-tested. Internationally Distributed.

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