Times Square Alliance | Times Square Arts & Midnight Moment | Creative Director, Times Square NYC

Cultural Infrastructure | Placemaking Strategy

Founded Times Square Arts & Midnight Moment, the largest and longest running digital art project in the world. Bringing a strategic vision and framework that has been successful since 2012.

In five years, generated up to 2.4 billion press impressions per annum; curated over 153 new art commissions; partnered with 94 cultural organisations and partners; fundraised for government, local, philanthropic and commercial support.Every USD $1 investment from the Business Improvement District (Times Square Alliance) was matched with $8 of external funding.

Cleaned up Times Square through diverse representation and cultural expression. Flipped the local perception of the place through good news stories about NYC and New Yorkers. Brought new customers into the hospitality sector. Changed the tourist marketing and programming to be authentic NYers / NYC – which brought greater numbers of city and neighbouring state visitors.


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London-based. American-born. Times Square-tested. Internationally Distributed.

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